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You must know

1. Emails can be hacked easily. many emails are sold on the dark web every day

2. Your emails are stored and read by your email provider.

3. Encryption is also not safe, encrypted emails can also be hacked


A decentralised network to share emails securely

Emails are the standard and professional way of communication and email services are composed with no privacy and no security. 272 million email records and passwords of email accounts are being offered to be purchased on the Dark Web for under $200.

bchain is a blockchain based email service. bchain uses asymmetric encryption, meaning only receiver and sender can read emails with his/her private key, providing transcendent security and privacy.

bchain integrates with browsers and existing email web apps to allow easy access to blockchain and send private, secure and encrypted emails.

Best Features

Secure & Private
Instant Private Emails

Send secure and private emails, locked with encryption

Transaction over email
safe and secure payments over email

familiar and easy to use

Use Existing Email Address
Attach email address with blockchain

Send and receive emails to your existing email address.


The transaction can be done over email

1. Safe crypto payment will be done over email with the help of blockchain.

2. Sending payments over email will be easy.

3. The wallet address is connected directly to the user’s email address.

4. This allows making crypto payments through methods that people are already familiar with.

5. Another feature that could help newcomers in cryptocurrency is that the wallet and address are created automatically on the Enlte Network after registration in the bchain.email.


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